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Pinhoti 100 Race Report (and video)

Although it was a few weeks ago now, the Pinhoti 100 already feels like it happened ages ago. It was an amazing experience, and it confirmed to me that I can finish a 100-miler with a solid, but minimal base of fitness. It also reminded me how much I love 100-milers.

Note about the video. I’m not a videographer and I shot this while running a race, so cut me some slack. This is not meant to be a guide or a quick synopsis of the race, but more of an abbreviated journey, and a journaling for posterity, as much for myself as for others. In the moment, a one hundred mile race seems endless, yet soon after, the power of the experience fades, until it is just another memory. Maybe this video will inspire, inform or entertain you. Maybe you’ll be bored. But I’ll get to relive the experience, so I’m convinced for that reason, it has been a worthy endeavor. 

I signed up for the Pinhoti 100 because it occurred during the last weekend to qualify for Western States and when I signed up, I didn’t h…

The Cohos Trail Unsupported FKT - A Fast-packing Adventure in the Northern Forest

Note: The photos are in chronological order. They are mostly landscape photos of the journey as I reverted back to the type of photography I most enjoy. I’ll shortly have a video together which delves a bit deeper into the personal aspects of the trip. All were shot with the incredible Sony RX100 vii camera. Also, you can view the photos separately in a larger slideshow/filmstrip by clicking on a photo and scrolling forward.

So, I’ve become very good at failing. Over the past four years I have attempted to break the Long Trail Unsupported FKT (Fastest Known Time) three times. I DNF’d twice and finished once in 8.5 days, much slower than the record pace. This year in particular, I really felt that I was dialed in but for various reasons, my attempt in late June was over almost before it started due to sleep issues.
I had also originally scheduled to crew my buddy at Tor des Geants, a massive 210 mile race through the Italian alps in early September, but due to changes in plans, that a…