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The Cohos Trail Unsupported FKT - A Fast-packing Adventure in the Northern Forest

Note: The photos are in chronological order. They are mostly landscape photos of the journey as I reverted back to the type of photography I most enjoy. I’ll shortly have a video together which delves a bit deeper into the personal aspects of the trip. All were shot with the incredible Sony RX100 vii camera. Also, you can view the photos separately in a larger slideshow/filmstrip by clicking on a photo and scrolling forward.

So, I’ve become very good at failing. Over the past four years I have attempted to break the Long Trail Unsupported FKT (Fastest Known Time) three times. I DNF’d twice and finished once in 8.5 days, much slower than the record pace. This year in particular, I really felt that I was dialed in but for various reasons, my attempt in late June was over almost before it started due to sleep issues.
I had also originally scheduled to crew my buddy at Tor des Geants, a massive 210 mile race through the Italian alps in early September, but due to changes in plans, that a…