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Argentina Post #1 - Buenos Aires

We're about halfway through our trip to Argentina, and it's been absolutely incredible. I was hoping to have posted more frequently, but internet access has been sporadic at best.

I'll keep the post fairly brief but I'm including quite a number of photos to give an idea of what we've seen so far. This trip is a celebration of my father's 70th birthday, and needless to say, he's set a pretty high standard for birthday parties. Along with Julia and myself, the trip consists of a number of my parents' friends from various points throughout their lives. Truly a wonderful conglomeration of people.

Part 1 - Buenas Aires

Julia and I arrived a day after my parents in Buenas Aires. We stayed at a nice hotel called Hotel Casasur. On the first afternoon, Julia and I went to La Recoleta, which is a beautiful cemetery with individual mausoleums for each family. Each one was unique and many had beautiful stone carvings and statues.

We went out to nice meal th…

Nature Spotlight on

Well, I know I've been remiss over the past two weeks in updating my blog.

I have a legitimate excuse though! I've been working like a banshee trying to get ready for my trip to Patagonia! In fact, Julia and I are at JFK right now waiting to board the plane. I'll be posting updates and photos from our trip, so be sure to check it out.

And on to the title-related topic, (Falcon Guides) has just posted a very short Nature Spotlight that I wrote along with a few photos. This is from an amazing trip skiing the Chic Choc mountains on the Gaspe peninsula of Quebec. The snow was DEEEEP.

Check it out here.

Dartmouth's New President Phil Hanlon visits Hanover

Over the past few days I once again had the opportunity to spend some time following and photographing our new college president, Phil Hanlon.

The first shoot was at the President's house where he met and greeted the trustees. Then it was on to a press conference with media followed by a public welcome by in Spaulding Auditorium. Finally, he personally greeted members of the community in Alumni Hall.

Then this morning, I photographed President Hanlon at a grad student reception immediately followed by a reception with undergrads in '53 Commons (the new name of Thayer Dining Hall).
This afternoon we walked over to watch part of the men's basketball team playing Harvard and then went over to Thompson arena to see the women's hockey team solidly defeat Princeton.

These can be tough assignments, as I'm constantly fighting my natural inclination to give people their personal space. When I use flash, I find it even more of a distraction. So what do I do?

Well, I do my j…

Quick Shot #4 - Parting Ways

This shot was taken at Smuggler's Notch in January of 2010. It was the last run of the day. I thought the composition was fun as my friends decided to take opposite paths around the tree in the middle of the trail.

This shot wasn't planned but I had my camera out anyways. You can have the best camera in the world, but if it's not in your hand when you need it, it's not doing you very good. In fact, the times that are most inconvenient for taking photos often end up providing the best images.

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine Cover for Jan/Feb 2013

...and some more photos from this summer. Read on...

Happy New Year. And a happy new year for myself as well, as my photo of Margaret Wheeler '97* is the newest Dartmouth Alumni Magazine cover. There are a few more photos of mine inside the magazine as well. Margaret's always smiling, so it wasn't a difficult assignment. (You can download the current issue for free on the website.)

This past summer Dave Lysy '99, Jevan Stubits '01 and I took a five day glacier mountaineering course taught by Margaret out in the North Cascades National Park. We arranged it through Pro Guiding Services.

Margaret is an old friend as we worked together on a crew at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. She's gone on to make quite a name for herself in the climbing community, and I can tell you from experience that she is a wonderful guide. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and she does a great job of explaining how to weigh risks and consequences.

During the course in early July, it …