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Bela Fleck - Twice in a Week!

Update: Yes, I know that's not Bela. But it's my favorite pic of the set. Richie Stearns.

So, I had been looking forward to the Bela Fleck Banjo Summit for a while, and it did not disappoint. We went to the Paramount Theater in Rutland, an hour away, and saw some of the best music ever. The format was great too, because the musicians and the styles of music changed almost every song, so it never got dull.

On this stage stood about half of the most famous banjo players ever. Bela Fleck is a pure genius, and I think most would agree that he's on another level. Tony Trischka was there too. He actually taught Bela for a bit, and I was lucky enough to have had a lesson with him at his house. I distinctly remember he offered to make me a sandwich when I arrived! 

Also performing was Abigail Washburn, Bela's wife and a beautiful singer who plays claw hammer style. Richie Stearns also plays claw hammer, and has a very haunting voice. He also wails on the banjo and sends it throug…

4 Big Reasons I've Neglected This Blog...

...but I promise to do better. Really!

1. A bun in the oven. 'nuff said. Thanks Julia for doing all the hard work!

2. I've been working my butt off on the waterfalls book for Falcon Guides. Monday was my last day of fieldwork and now I'm knee deep in driving directions, hiking directions, mapping, photo processing and hike descriptions. I've been to 113 waterfalls all over New England, and most were hiked in the last three months. Well, I've seen some beautiful places, that's for sure!

3. I started graduate school. I've decided to get a masters degree from the MALS program at Dartmouth. And since I've never wanted a graduate degree, and I don't need one for my profession, I figured I'd focus on what I love, which is long distance hiking. I'll follow this up with a more detailed description of the program and what I hope to get out of it in another post.
So I'm taking Fiction Writing - The Novella taught by Alan Lelchuk. I realize that A) …