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Levon Burakian Enters the World!!!

Our little guy Levon entered this world on December 12, 2013. It's been an adventure already and we can't wait for more.

It's great having a kid as a full time prop.

Enjoy the photos. More to come!

Bela Fleck - Twice in a Week!

Update: Yes, I know that's not Bela. But it's my favorite pic of the set. Richie Stearns.

So, I had been looking forward to the Bela Fleck Banjo Summit for a while, and it did not disappoint. We went to the Paramount Theater in Rutland, an hour away, and saw some of the best music ever. The format was great too, because the musicians and the styles of music changed almost every song, so it never got dull.

On this stage stood about half of the most famous banjo players ever. Bela Fleck is a pure genius, and I think most would agree that he's on another level. Tony Trischka was there too. He actually taught Bela for a bit, and I was lucky enough to have had a lesson with him at his house. I distinctly remember he offered to make me a sandwich when I arrived! 

Also performing was Abigail Washburn, Bela's wife and a beautiful singer who plays claw hammer style. Richie Stearns also plays claw hammer, and has a very haunting voice. He also wails on the banjo and sends it throug…

4 Big Reasons I've Neglected This Blog...

...but I promise to do better. Really!

1. A bun in the oven. 'nuff said. Thanks Julia for doing all the hard work!

2. I've been working my butt off on the waterfalls book for Falcon Guides. Monday was my last day of fieldwork and now I'm knee deep in driving directions, hiking directions, mapping, photo processing and hike descriptions. I've been to 113 waterfalls all over New England, and most were hiked in the last three months. Well, I've seen some beautiful places, that's for sure!

3. I started graduate school. I've decided to get a masters degree from the MALS program at Dartmouth. And since I've never wanted a graduate degree, and I don't need one for my profession, I figured I'd focus on what I love, which is long distance hiking. I'll follow this up with a more detailed description of the program and what I hope to get out of it in another post.
So I'm taking Fiction Writing - The Novella taught by Alan Lelchuk. I realize that A) …

True's Ledges in West Lebanon

It's nice to discover a cool waterfall, or series of small cascades and nice swim holes, only a half mile out of the way on the trip back home from work. A locals' favorite, I haven't been here since I was a student, a long long time ago.

The parking is just off True's Brook Road, 0.8 miles from the junction with NH route 12A just south of the "strip." Water is pretty low right now, but it's still very beautiful and the pools are warm and deep enough for a solid dip in just the right spot. Low water also allows me to explore the rocks and even attempt somewhat foolhardy photography to get interesting perspectives.
True's Ledges was conserved by the Upper Valley Land Trust and is managed by the city of Lebanon, NH. A nice little map and information can be found here.  The views are cool, the pools are deep and the falls are beautiful.

Waterfalls waterfalls and more waterfalls

...Did I mention waterfalls? As I continue on my race to visit, photograph, map and write about one hundred waterfalls across New England, I'm continually challenged to think of creative ways to capture these simple wonders of nature in unique ways...and to do so quickly, because there are always more waterfalls to visit.

The Beer Olympics Promo - Tenth Edition

Best party ever. Intense athletic endeavors. Tenth annual. Tomorrow. Actually today. Saturday. If you're around Windsor, come on by!

We always do video promos. What can I say, this year has been extremely lacking in non-productive creative endeavors masquerading as a video teasers to a killer sporting event, due to...getting old, busy and lame.

Nonetheless, at the eleventh hour, Eli-kon and Jev-pain manage to put together a hot new single. BO X.

BE WARNED!! The lyrics in this song are specifically implicitly non-explicit. PG-14.

Hidden Gem - Windsor Jamb, Windsor, MA

Although there is a long fence precluding nice views to what appears to be a dramatic gorge deep within a forest, the views you can get make it worth the trip if you're nearby. We were in a bit of rush, but you can get to the stream at the bottom of the fence and walk back up the stream bed in low water. That is where the second photo was shot...just before I slipped on my already sprained ankle, dunked my body (and phone, luckily no damage) and saved the camera from going in. All in a day's work.

I've begun to really appreciate working on these guidebooks. I'm visiting interesting places all the time, driving down new roads and getting some nice landscape photos.

As much as I enjoy my day job, and appreciate all types of photography and the challenge of learning new methods, I will always consider myself a landscape photographer first and foremost. When I'm standing two feet deep in a freezing cold stream while maneuvering my tripod and camera by millimeters, wait…

Enjoy the Unexpected

So I'm busily spending every last minute working on a book for Falcon Guides about waterfalls in New England. I need to visit, map, write about and photograph 100 waterfalls throughout New England. Today I visited four more, one of which is Beaver Brook Falls in Keene, NH.

It's just three quarters of a mile up an old closed road, paved but experiencing the effects of nature's quick work. Anyways, the falls, although nice, are really nothing to write home about. However, I noticed these incredible spots of light on the water shining through the canopy, leaving a cool top and lighting up the red-brown tannin-rich water.

On top of that, the large white bubbles emanated from the base of the falls. Ten to twenty second exposures revealed a bubble outline with streaks as they slowly migrated downstream. It actually seems as if these are creatures swimming upstream. I used a three stop neutral density filter to enable especially long exposures.

Anyways, I went there to photograph…

Stowe Pinnacle - It's all about the light!

As I'm finishing up this hiking book, I'm thinking about what made the hikes enjoyable for me. Inevitably, my photography instincts were hard to suppress, even when hiking with just a point and shoot, and invariably the favorite hikes were during the late evening hours as I treasured being in cool places when during the golden hour and the post-sunset dusk.

The photos from the hike up Stowe Pinnacle in April was one of my favorites. I grabbed my trusty Sony RX100 and raced up the mountain less than an hour before sunset. I stayed on top taking photos until I needed my headlamp to get back down. No problem, and well worth it. Even April can be beautiful in the right light!