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Boys Hike 2014 - South Hancock and the Osceolas

So every year for the past decade, a group of male friends have gotten together for a hike/social event on Columbus Day weekend. We've all got yearly passes from our significant others to take this weekend. (Thank you Julia!) This takes place often, but not always, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

After last year's trip encountered difficulties in a campground, we decided to just find a spot in the woods this year. Planning came down to the last minute, when we decided to meet on the hairpin turn on the Kancamagus highway just east of Lincoln.

After pulling up Swingers style with almost as many vehicles as people, (cars-5, people-7) we headed into the woods up the Hancock Notch trail. Not before partaking in Irish Car Bombs in the parking lot first, however. (Thanks Dan!) Let's just say we kept up that spirit, er...spirits for the rest of the weekend.

We were planning on camping in the woods, so I and a few others carried both a day pack and a bigger pack with tent…

Ready for basketball season.

You may know that I'm an avid Celtics fan. This might be surprising. It sure is to me.

My obsession started when we finally had the necessary ingredients to start wasting large amounts of time, a television and cable. Jevan was living with us at the time, and he had enjoyed watching and playing a bit of ball growing up. I on the other hand, had maybe picked up a basketball a dozen time. And I'm do you say it...graceful, coordinated, quick, or pretty much any other adjective that would describe an athlete.

This was 2007. The Celtics picked up Ray Allen and most importantly, Kevin Garnett. With Rajon Rondo* coming into his own and Paul Pierce at the pinnacle of his career, the machine was operating smoothly. So smoothly in fact, that someone like myself, a complete newbie to basketball, knew this was teamwork and precision at its finest.

Rondo would look left, meanwhile sending the ball skyward to an automatic alley-oop to KG. Pearce would smile at you funny, and next …

Ok. I'm going to try this blog thing again.

I've been meaning to blog for a while now. Like all year. Guess the baby, the book, grad school and...oh yea, my actual work might make for a good excuse. But the real excuse is that I never think a post is ready, or the photos are ready, or the content is engaging. It has only taken me this long to realize no content is less engaging than sub-optimal content.

Levon is nine and a half months old. Wow.

It has been fun being a new dad. And tiring. He's almost like a mini human being, only no teeth, he can't talk, can't walk, and when trying to put a cheerio in his mouth he manages to put his whole fist in there while simultaneously dropping the cheerio on the floor.

The above shot and the two just below were with the Sony a6000 and the 55mm fe f/1.8...a killer combo.

So, he's been a fun photo prop as well...