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Hidden Gem - Windsor Jamb, Windsor, MA

Although there is a long fence precluding nice views to what appears to be a dramatic gorge deep within a forest, the views you can get make it worth the trip if you're nearby. We were in a bit of rush, but you can get to the stream at the bottom of the fence and walk back up the stream bed in low water. That is where the second photo was shot...just before I slipped on my already sprained ankle, dunked my body (and phone, luckily no damage) and saved the camera from going in. All in a day's work.

I've begun to really appreciate working on these guidebooks. I'm visiting interesting places all the time, driving down new roads and getting some nice landscape photos.

As much as I enjoy my day job, and appreciate all types of photography and the challenge of learning new methods, I will always consider myself a landscape photographer first and foremost. When I'm standing two feet deep in a freezing cold stream while maneuvering my tripod and camera by millimeters, wait…

Enjoy the Unexpected

So I'm busily spending every last minute working on a book for Falcon Guides about waterfalls in New England. I need to visit, map, write about and photograph 100 waterfalls throughout New England. Today I visited four more, one of which is Beaver Brook Falls in Keene, NH.

It's just three quarters of a mile up an old closed road, paved but experiencing the effects of nature's quick work. Anyways, the falls, although nice, are really nothing to write home about. However, I noticed these incredible spots of light on the water shining through the canopy, leaving a cool top and lighting up the red-brown tannin-rich water.

On top of that, the large white bubbles emanated from the base of the falls. Ten to twenty second exposures revealed a bubble outline with streaks as they slowly migrated downstream. It actually seems as if these are creatures swimming upstream. I used a three stop neutral density filter to enable especially long exposures.

Anyways, I went there to photograph…