Hidden Gem - Windsor Jamb, Windsor, MA

Although there is a long fence precluding nice views to what appears to be a dramatic gorge deep within a forest, the views you can get make it worth the trip if you're nearby. We were in a bit of rush, but you can get to the stream at the bottom of the fence and walk back up the stream bed in low water. That is where the second photo was shot...just before I slipped on my already sprained ankle, dunked my body (and phone, luckily no damage) and saved the camera from going in. All in a day's work.

Although getting down to the gorge is difficult due to a safety fence, you can still get some nice shots through the foliage from a safe vantage point.

Above the gorge, there is no fence and you can climb on the rocks if the water is low.

Below the gorge the path beyond the fence meets the stream. I was able to climb up the stream a bit to get this shot. The main part of the gorge is much steeper, and I wasn't feeling very confident after having just dunked after re-spraining my ankle. I do like the asymmetry here though, how there is one sheer side and a normal forest bank on the other. Yes, it was cold.

I've begun to really appreciate working on these guidebooks. I'm visiting interesting places all the time, driving down new roads and getting some nice landscape photos.

As much as I enjoy my day job, and appreciate all types of photography and the challenge of learning new methods, I will always consider myself a landscape photographer first and foremost. When I'm standing two feet deep in a freezing cold stream while maneuvering my tripod and camera by millimeters, waiting for a cloud to cover the sun and figuring out the exposure to retain all the highlights but still bring out shadow detail and maintain just the right amount of blur in the water while keeping in mind the wind will move the branches.... well, this is the methodical type of photography, with the natural environment as my subject, that brings me the most joy.

It's been years since I regularly got into my car and purposely tried to get lost on dirt roads...but some of these waterfall journeys remind me of the fun in doing so. As for the amount of driving? Thank goodness for audiobooks and my new Subaru, which doubles the gas mileage of my Xterra.


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