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Self Portrait in Transit

I'm finally getting to download photos from the trip that were on the Sony RX100. These were a few of the first shots I took on the trip from the airport in NYC before the flight to Buenos Aires.

Some of the most interesting photos come from some of the most unlikely places.

Bahia Bustamante - Argentina

Our first big adventure after leaving Buenos Aires was to Bahia Bustamante. This large ranch was located on the coast south of the town of Trelew. The ranch, which is larger than the island of Kauai in Hawaii has 20,000 sheep, but most income there actually comes from a big seaweed harvesting business. My parents read a 2011 NY Times article and decided this was the place to come.

At the ranch, we stayed in rustic little cabins with a ocean views. The food was tremendous, and every day we went out on interesting tours. I'm not going to write much besides the captions, but as you can see, the four days at Bahia Bustamante were totally incredible.