Breakin' the rule ...of thirds.

I've found the rule of thirds to be one of the easiest, and yet most helpful guideline in photography. I'm constantly amazed at how such a simple compositional technique can transform an image.

A perfect rainbow spans the Grey Glacier in Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile. Not bad for a view ten feet from my tent, about five minutes after waking!
But sometimes, you've got to break rules. Especially when handed an incredible glacier along with a full rainbow, visible about ten feet from my tent door. And for some reason, the glacier blue, and the stormy grey, with a perfect rainbow, just feels right split down the middle.

The weather in Torres Del Paine National Park was ever-changing, but always interesting. Contrary to first assumption, a bright blue sky is not what most landscape photographers seek. It is the element of shadows, and variation. Of something in the wind.

When the sun is beaming on my face and I'm getting soaked, I look for rainbows. This happened many times in Patagonia, and I found many rainbows. This one did not disappoint.


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