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Dartmouth College Homecoming 2012

In my role as the Dartmouth College Photographer, I get to photograph many of the great traditions that are a hallmark of the school. None play so large a role in one's memory than the Homecoming Bonfire. You can check out a set of images on the Dartmouth Flickr stream.

In addition to a parade through town and a number of speakers in front of Dartmouth Hall, the first year students are encouraged to run around the fire their class year number (ex. '16) plus 100. So this year the students were supposed to run 116 times around the fire! I'm privileged in my role to get some cool angles, such as inside the roped area close to the fire as well as a view from Baker tower out onto the green.

I had two favorite shots from the night. One was a long exposure from the tower, blurring the movement of the mean first year students. The second was shot on ground level, also slightly blurring the students while capturing the plume reaching to the almost-full moon.

Article on about Photo-related Kickstarter Projects

Check out these cool projects that are photography-related! These entrepreneurs and inventors are pushing photography and videography forward. Never have so many tools been so accessible to so many people.

This article lists just a few of the exciting new projects looking for funding using (More about Kickstarter in a future post.)

Carving Pumpkins

Every year, our friends Brooke and Hunter have a pumpkin carving party/contest. I haven't carved pumpkins in years, but I'll say folks came up with some pretty cool stuff.

I realized why my clever idea wasn't so clever. Well, it's good to know what you're not good at!

The categories were best overall, most creative and scariest. Before I tell the winners (if I ever do) let me know what your votes are!

I don't do film...and I want this camera

I haven't shot film in about nine years. Yet this camera looks very intriguing and may just provide an interesting creative spark.

I sure did like that Velvia look ...

The new Lomo Belair X 6-12

Milton - The Best Dog Ever R.I.P.

We lost Milton recently. He was a fun, energetic and loving dog. He was also part of the family and provided us with much joy.

Milton died young, at five years old, suddenly, but doing what he loved. He died with a ball in his mouth.

Here's to you Milton.

Okay, I don't know why I think starting another blog is going to make it any easier to put something down on virtual ink...but I can try, can't I?!

Anyways, the Hanover Inn recently purchased a number of images from me to adorn the walls of their conference rooms. I hope they inspire people to space out during long boring meetings.

This photo is one of my wife's favorites but alas, didn't make the final cut. It was taken during a winter hot air balloon ride a few years ago, thanks to a wonderful engagement gift from my parents in law. We shared champagne and buzzed the gondolas at Killington. (Heard they shut down the lifts for 15 minutes!) And due to no open landing spots, we got two hours for our price of one.