True's Ledges in West Lebanon

It's nice to discover a cool waterfall, or series of small cascades and nice swim holes, only a half mile out of the way on the trip back home from work. A locals' favorite, I haven't been here since I was a student, a long long time ago.

Playing with an ultrawide lens has been a liberating experience. I'm just glad I didn't liberate my camera down the falls. By using a three stop neutral density filter, I was able to keep my aperture at f/11, maintaining a massive depth of field but eliminating the effect of diffraction when using even smaller apertures. A benefit of low water flow is the ability to get shots that would otherwise be too dangerous.

The parking is just off True's Brook Road, 0.8 miles from the junction with NH route 12A just south of the "strip." Water is pretty low right now, but it's still very beautiful and the pools are warm and deep enough for a solid dip in just the right spot. Low water also allows me to explore the rocks and even attempt somewhat foolhardy photography to get interesting perspectives.

The first view from True's Ledges is an eye opener when seen for the first time. Is this really just a mile or so from Home Depot? I bet it's a sight to behold after a big storm.
True's Ledges was conserved by the Upper Valley Land Trust and is managed by the city of Lebanon, NH. A nice little map and information can be found here.  The views are cool, the pools are deep and the falls are beautiful.


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