Ready for basketball season.

You may know that I'm an avid Celtics fan. This might be surprising. It sure is to me.

My obsession started when we finally had the necessary ingredients to start wasting large amounts of time, a television and cable. Jevan was living with us at the time, and he had enjoyed watching and playing a bit of ball growing up. I on the other hand, had maybe picked up a basketball a dozen time. And I'm do you say it...graceful, coordinated, quick, or pretty much any other adjective that would describe an athlete.

This was 2007. The Celtics picked up Ray Allen and most importantly, Kevin Garnett. With Rajon Rondo* coming into his own and Paul Pierce at the pinnacle of his career, the machine was operating smoothly. So smoothly in fact, that someone like myself, a complete newbie to basketball, knew this was teamwork and precision at its finest.

I guess I just realized that I really like the non-sport sport photos. I like the layers in the photo and I feel like it actually captures a moment. Plus, if Rondo's in it, it's automatically good. (Nikon 1 V1, 30-110mm)

Rondo would look left, meanwhile sending the ball skyward to an automatic alley-oop to KG. Pearce would smile at you funny, and next thing you know he's fading away sending a long two-pointer to directly through the net. And Ray Allen, leading three point shooter in NBA history. 'Nuff said.

Little anxious there Mr. Stevens? You've got reason to be so. (Nikon 1 V1, 30-110mm)

So I became addicted. They played well for many seasons but nothing matched the 2007-2008 championship season. And since then, I've watched 90% of all the regular season games and I think every playoff least until last year when they, ahem..sucked royally.

I think Sullinger and Rondo are the two most important players on the Celts. In fact, I think Sully will be an All Star player in the not-too-distant future. Mark my words. (Nikon 1 V1, 30-110mm)

Let's hope this year is better.

Somebody's got to make a decision here. (Nikon 1 V1, 30-110mm)

On the plus side, Rondo is still there and bad records equals cheap tickets which equals better photos.

* The best point guard in the universe.


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