Ok. I'm going to try this blog thing again.

Lev is highly entertained by Tigran's antics. 
I've been meaning to blog for a while now. Like all year. Guess the baby, the book, grad school and...oh yea, my actual work might make for a good excuse. But the real excuse is that I never think a post is ready, or the photos are ready, or the content is engaging. It has only taken me this long to realize no content is less engaging than sub-optimal content.

Levon is nine and a half months old. Wow.

It has been fun being a new dad. And tiring. He's almost like a mini human being, only no teeth, he can't talk, can't walk, and when trying to put a cheerio in his mouth he manages to put his whole fist in there while simultaneously dropping the cheerio on the floor.

The above shot and the two just below were with the Sony a6000 and the 55mm fe f/1.8...a killer combo.

A smile is worth a thousand chins.
Dude, this thing goes way high!

So, he's been a fun photo prop as well...

I swear, this is at the infant baby massage class. Swedish style.

It didn't take long before he wanted more stimulating reading than Goodnight Moon.
Which is an awesome book by the way.


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