Five years ago today...

Five years ago today, I was engaged in a stare down with a giraffe. I'm writing this, so I guess you know who won.

Sometimes it's fun to look back and see where we were on this day a certain number of days ago. So I thought, where was I ten years ago? I looked at my photos and realized that I hadn't even bought my first digital camera until April of 2003.

Maybe I've got some slides from those days? Who knows. Well, how about five years ago?

It turns out that five years ago today, I was down in Florida visiting my parents along with some other close family. Not only that, but my father had arranged an afternoon at the White Oak Plantation. The conservation center there cares for a number of threatened species in what seems to my untrained eye to be pretty nice accommodations.

Rhino, running nose, eating. 'nuff said.

Okay, the first thing that I'm going to do after I get my first million will be to install a bowling alley in the house.

Apparently five years ago I was still thinking about composition.

You know how some people say you turn a photo into black and white in order to save it? Yup.

These bald eagles have more on their head than I do. At least I think they're bald eagles.

"Don't look now, but I think that dude with the camera is checking you out."
I know my blogging has trailed off of late, and for that I apologize. No excuse other than to say March was an exceedingly difficult month, and here's hoping for an a great April.


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