Levon Burakian, one month of life down, one thousand to go

It's been an adventure already. It's crazy that Levon was born just a month ago! He's gained about 50% of his birthweight. At this rate he's going to be over 800 pounds by the end of high school. I sure hope it slows down.

Even so, the silly boy can't even hold his head up. He also has some difficulty communicating. Hopefully words will help with that. In the meantime, I've interpreted all noises as "my parents rock!" and "put me on skis already!" Julia thinks some of the noises might mean he's hungry. Well, we'll agree to disagree.

We spotted a brown bear lurking near the stream. Aren't they supposed to be asleep this time of year? We kept it safe and slowly backed away, hoping we weren't between it and his cubs.

Mommy found a very special present in her Xmas stocking this year.

"Are you upside down or am I?"

Nice hair style dude. 80's New Wave?

This image is larger than life size. Unless of course your viewing this on a phone. THAT would be one really tiny hand.

I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth... 
Venturing out with mommy.

Nice light. Nice pose. Is there some evolutionary reason that he already knows the Macarena?

"No way! That's unbelievable!"

"That white ceiling is soooo entertaining."

"And so is that light!"

One too many.

Oh, that's where I put him. I remember putting on a shirt and losing a baby a few hours ago.

"Your move, mutt."

"Let's see how you handle the chess moves of a pure bred Golden! And when this game is over, can I eat the pieces?!"

"I see it! I've got a great move, if only I could bend forward."

Sweet dreams.

If we wrap him tight enough and let him sleep long enough, we're hoping he'll come out of that swaddle with wings.

Getting a little too close to his den, the bear gives us a stare.


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