Here's to awkward moments!

When I used to ski race in college, we'd come back from training and watch video of our runs. Occasionally (well, actually frequently with me!) we would crash. The crashes were the most fun parts of the video, and Vince our coach would always stop recording mid fall. I would always look forward to these, and in still photography, you can get people in seemingly impossible positions that fly by in video.

Jevan perfects a falling maneuver in the woods at the Middlebury Snow Bowl a few years ago.

From now on, I'm shooting all the falls I long as they're not falling into me. Here's a great one from 2010. Not much snow there Jevan, ouch!

I expect a lot of falling tomorrow, when we get hit with a big storm.  Hopefully I'll be posting great powder shots from Pico tomorrow afternoon!


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