Our New Dartmouth President - Philip J. Hanlon '77

Dartmouth College President-Elect Philip J. Hanlon ’77 visited campus this past Friday. He'll be starting his new role as President on July 1.

After our President Jim Kim left this summer to become the head of the World Bank, the search began for a new President of Dartmouth College while Carol Folt (the Provost) took over for this year as the Interim President.

Interim President Carol Folt met with President-Elect Philip J. Hanlon '77 in her office on Friday. (They're posing in front of a piece of art by painter Mateo Romero '89)

The search committee, led by Bill Helmen '80, gathered input from students, alums, faculty and staff to inform their decision. Well, after meeting him this past Friday, I have to say I'm very pleased with the decision.

Bill Helman '80, Chair of the Presidential Search Committee and President-Elect Philip J. Hanlon '77 walk along North Main Street in Hanover.
Philip J. Hanlon '77 is currently the Provost at the University of Michigan. There's no need for me to go into all the details, as you can find better information on Dartmouth Now. He's an alum, which I like because it means he's already familiar with the area and the culture. More importantly, he seems like a genuinely likeable individual.

I had three opportunities to photograph him, albeit only for a few minutes each time. As I was heading up the stairs to the Parkhurst building, he was too. He stopped and introduced himself even though he didn't know I was the college photographer at the time. He remembered my name, as was very easy to work with getting a few shots out in front of Baker Library.

President-Elect Philip J. Hanlon '77 sees a bright future at Dartmouth.
Anyways, I'm excited for what the future has in store at Dartmouth College, and I'm pleased by the new choice.

For more information please check out this article on Dartmouth Now, and these pieces in the New York Times and Bloomberg Business Week.

Here's our flickr stream with some photos.


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