Angels in America

I love shooting dress rehearsals. From a photographer's point of view, it's usually just as visually stunning as the real performance, but I can walk around and get great angles.

Anyways, the play at Dartmouth this term is Tony Kushner's "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes" which won the 1993 Pulitzer Prize. I can't say that I understand the play completely but I can say that I was deeply moved by it.

The production quality was top notch and I got to learn a little bit about what it takes to put something like this together from the folks behind the scenes.

And the acting? Holy shnikies batman! I was blown away. I really thought the actors and actresses did an incredible job. I'm not much of a theatrical connoisseur, but the students really convinced me of their characters. Particularly, I think Talene Monahan is an exceptional talent and I wouldn't be surprised to see her make it big.

In the next few days I hope to use this blog as a place to show how I composed the shot and what techniques I used in shooting and processing the images.

Although the play itself is not as visually stunning as Hairspray was, I hope these images portray the drama of the piece that was readily evident while I was there.

You can check out more images from the play on Dartmouth College's flickr stream. "Angels in America" is showing through next weekend. You can find out more about the play and buy tickets at the Hopkins Center Website.


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