Did you vote?

Am I the only one who used their camera in the voting booth?

I voted!

Apparently, when I was a little kid, the principal called my parents into the office to discuss my troubling results on my standardized tests. I failed miserably. Only later did they find out that my obsession with filling out the bubbles perfectly prevented me from finishing the test! Thank goodness there was no time limit on this even more important test!

I've got a question. If you don't know the candidate, how do you vote?

Personally, I prefer to leave the bubbles blank if I don't know anything about the candidates. I don't vote along party lines. (Although if there's a line for a party, it must be a good party!) We had to vote for 12 of 20 candidates for local justice of the peace.

How the heck am I going to know who to vote for here? I mean, I'm all for peace, but who's going to do the role justice? 

So, I gave the camera to the lady behind me in line. As I inserted my ballot into the machine, the machine gave me a shock and spiked up my hair!


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