Lobster in Obama's Brain!

Since today is the first day of the next four years with Obama, I thought I'd share my only experience seeing him in person.

Check out this mad crustacean!

It was just over two years ago. I was shooting my college roommate's wedding in Bar Harbor, Maine. After the rehearsal on Friday, we went to the rehearsal dinner. Or so we thought. Apparently, the Obama family was in town and were eating at the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was supposed to occur.

After waiting over an hour to get in, we were all scanned by super secret agent men and women. That included everybody; men, women and babies! We were finally let in to a room right next to theirs. On the President's exit, he stopped briefly to say congrats to the bride and groom and headed on his way.

Is your baby a bomb?

I didn't get much of an opportunity to shoot him, but I think the "Live Lobster - Come and See" sign pointing to the Pres. is pretty funny. Who knew our beloved President was...gasp...a crustacean!?


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