Quick Shot #2

Landscape Photography in the Between Seasons

Shooting between the seasons in New England can be a challenging thing. With brown and ... brown, the colors don't call out and say "shoot me!" November is probably my least favorite month, unless of course we get a big unexpected snow storm.

Photography in the early spring and late fall can be challenging. By not including the sky on an overcast day such as this, I am able to accentuate the tones of orange and brown, as well as the dimming light deeper in the forest. The stream serves as a guide to carry the viewer to the end of the image.

Anyways, it's helpful to look for subtlety in your image. Shades of a color can be as interesting as multiple colors. It's a good time to work on image fundamentals. As a color photographer, we can get overwhelmed by the role of color in the image. Challenge yourself to create images that rely solely on composition to achieve impact.

Without leaves on the trees, it's often easier to get tack sharp images in a forest. November is the greyest month, but if you don't include the sky in your composition, you can achieve incredible detail in places that would otherwise be too contrasty in a brighter situation.


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