Quick Shot #1

This is a simple image, and yet hopefully engages the viewer to spend some time with it. I think of contrasts, the sharp ice and the smooth flowing water; dark and light. I also like to remove context, what is the scale in this image? (01/07/11 - Tentative Title: Fractal Over Flow)
So I'm thinking about starting a series on this blog called "Quick Shot." It will feature random images from my personal collection. The images may serve as a photographic lesson, or may just be a shot that I particularly like. It may be from yesterday or ten years ago. It is my opportunity to share and discuss images, and I hope you will join.
I just sold my trusty Canon S95 to help pay for a portion of my new pocket camera, the Sony RX-100. As I backed up a card the other day, I found this image which had somehow never been downloaded. It's a photo of the stream about fifty feet from my door.

I really like images like this. It's a truly simple image. Water and ice. And yet the designs made by the edges of the ice over the water encourage the viewer to wander the around the photograph. The contrast between the smooth dark flowing water, and the sharp bright jagged ice appeals to our sense of tension. Additionally, purposely not including anything in the image that would hint at scale, this tension is emphasized as it becomes a challenge to discern the relative size of the elements.


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