My Newest Book - Basic Illustrated Snowshoeing

The first book for which I am both the author and the photographer was published this October. The cover photo is of Jevan during our hike on the Sierra High Route in July of 2011. (That's right, July in California!)

Although I've photographed eleven books for Globe Pequot Publishing, it was not until this twelfth book that I took it a step further, into the realm of writing. My book Moosilauke - Portrait of a Mountain was totally mine, but I only wrote about 3,000 words in it.

Containing one hundred photos and 20,000 words, it was a good challenge figuring out both what to write, and then actually doing it. All this during last year's totally epically crappy winter. (Well, that is anywhere besides AK and WA in the US.) I got to include my wife and most of her family as well as my father. To finish up the book, with no snow for miles around, I went to the Dartmouth Skiway and put the automatic self-timer on go and acted out the final photos myself!

This was my first book for Falcon Guides as well, but it won't be my last. Currently I'm working on two more books for them. The first is called "Best Easy Day Hikes in the Green Mountains" and the second one is "Hiking to Waterfalls in New England." Needless to say, I've got a lot of work to do in the next ten months. The waterfall book especially will require me to travel all over New England to explore, photograph, map and write about at least one hundred waterfalls! (Suggestion hikes for both these titles much appreciated.)

Anyways, I'm including a link to the book on Amazon


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