Shooting Dartmouth Football...sort of!

Well, you've got to give it to these guys. The freshmen often rush the field at halftime and these two didn't disappoint. Hey parents, do you know what your kid did this past weekend?!

Well, believe it or not, last Saturday I shot my very first football game. It was Dartmouth College's homecoming game which we unfortunately lost 31-14. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experience and I plan on going back and shooting the final game of the season pretty soon.

After catching a 20 yard pass, wide receiver Ryan McManus '15 breaks a tackle for a 64 yard touchdown. Unfortunately Dartmouth lost the homecoming game to Harvard, 31-14.

I realize that you have to either shoot the QB, or see where his eyes are looking and try to shoot the receiver. It's really tough to do both. Plus, without being elevated, it's often difficult to see the ball. Not only is the ball blocked by men on the field, it's blocked by very BIG men on the field!

Check out a few more photos from this shoot at the Dartmouth flickr stream.


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